While mobile games enjoy great popularity, most of them are single player games. Due to the fact that mobile networks introduce much higher latencies than Wifi or local networks, it is difficult to provide a solid implementation of multiplayer games. Most mobile multiplayer games are therefore turn based or strategy games that tolerate a slower paced communication of players. Another severity in mobile game development is to supply multiple platforms while keeping the production effort reasonable. Following the paradigm “Write once, deploy everywhere”, the cross platform approach by now found its way to mobile app development. In this thesis, different cross platform approaches for mobile multiplayer games will be explored. A casual game called “Loopi” will be implemented using newer web technologies such as the Angular Framework and Web Sockets.

Bachelor-Thesis written by Felix Roos, August 11th 2015

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Gerlicher, Ruben Deyhle, M.Sc. (entrecode GmbH)