IEEE Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Porto

Daniel Thommes and I are currently in Porto at the 18th CSE2015 Conference to present the paper “Graph-Based Caching for Server-Push Enabled Adaptive Hypertext Applications”.

Daniel Thommes and Ansgar Gerlicher
Daniel and me at the conference

The conference is co-located with the 13th IEEE/IFIP International Conferences on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing. This allows us to listen to multiple interesting presentations on topics such as “Design Space Exploration and Application Autotuning for Runtime Adaptivity in Multicore Architectures” or “Spread Spectrum Audio Indoor Localization” where audio signals are hidden within other audio and used to localize a persons position via a smartphone. Interestingly the precision achieved is very good in the order of four to five centimeters.

Paper by: João Moutinho, Diamantino Freitas, and Rui Esteves Araújo
Audio Indoor Localization, presented by João Moutinho

But Porto is also a very nice location to visit. The ancient city center has a lot to offer; museums, art exhibitions, great food, famous portuguese wineries (Port-Wine), beautiful buildings and of course the sea side. Although we did not have a lot time to visit the city, we were very impressed and inspired of this little beautiful town in the north of Portugal.
Here are some of the impression we had:

Famous old train

Vodafone Building

Many buildings such as this church have beautifully crafted ceramic tiles

The city is very colourful

Houses near the river Douro