Thesis: Design, Development and Evaluation of a Smartphone App for remote automotive Data

In her thesis, Lisa Kranz analyzed current automotive apps from different vendors on functionality and design. Using the User Centered Design approach, she developed a new Android App for a large car manufacturer near Stuttgart that implies the most relevant functions from all analyzed apps. The thesis documents the whole development process including the process from the first idea to the final end product.

Lisa Kranz defines personas, scenarios and use-cases. The technical background is declared in the system analysis. The requirements analysis includes the gathering of requirements by benchmarking, informal questionnaires and the prioritization by user surveys.

The thesis contains a guideline for conducting a User Centered Design based product development in the context of automotive applications

Master thesis of Lisa Kranz, November 2nd, 2015
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Gerlicher, M. Sc. Martin Hiller