This bachelor thesis describes the concept and realization of a client-server solution to provide map data. The technologies used by moovel Group GmbH are introduced, followed by the development of a concept of how data can be provided and retrieved by a client. In this manner, demands have been defined in consideration of various user groups which formed the basis of the realized interfaces, as well as the implemented functionalities on the client-side. The realization has been carried out through the creation of a server component to extend the existing WebDAV-Framework with a virtual file system, as well as creating a software library for use of the provided functionalities on the client-side. The realized solution allows, aside from the implemented interfaces, a various number of possibilities to generate individual map data.

Original title: Konzeption und Realisierung einer Client-Server-Lösung zur orts- und namensbezogenen Bereitstellung heterogener Kartendaten

Bachelorthesis of: Christian Lang, January 18th, 2016

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Gerlicher, Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Nihat Küçük (Moovel GmbH)