Ansgar with Hololense

img_1245From November 14th to 16th I took part in the International Days on Mobile Development at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


We had three really exiting days together with lecturers in the area of mobile application development from countries such as Belgium, Finnland, the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Germany. On the first day we all gave lectures to students, talking about our fields of research. My topic was Automotive App development and how developers can write applications for vehicles today and what the future might bring.

Then we had a look at the students projects, reviewed their work and gave them tips on how to improve it. This was really exiting, as some of the student projects were really good. Most of the projects were conducted in cooperation with a company and they were using the latest hard- and software such as Microsoft Hololens, Recon smartglases and other stuff. What impressed me was the great variety of projects and ideas. On the third day we visited a game developer company called orange games. They have their office in an old planetarium, which is a really cool location. I could really smell the spirit of creativity there (or was is some other smell? 😜).

Below some you see some impressions of my visit to Amsterdam.

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