IMG_1867Last Thursday (January, 26th 2017) the MediaNight (trailer) was taking place again at the Stuttgart Media University. This semester, what impressed me the most were the many VR installations and games. It seems to me that VR really is mainstream now. I had the impression that there were more VR games and applications shown than normal games.

VR and AR is nice, but the next hot thing might be mixed reality (MR) – I will definitely try to get hold on one of these Bridge devices as soon as possible. This looks great!  Perhaps the next MediaNight we will have mostly mixed reality games then…who knows.

But of course we also had a great number of mobile apps, web apps and other software as well as films, print products, music and even completely new business concepts to see at the MediaNight. Unfortunately, I could not take pictures of every project that I supervised (sorry for the teams that are not shown here, that has nothing to do with your work 😉 ). Here are some impressions for the sad people, who were not able to come and take a look for themselves:

The team that invented a completely new concept of a steering wheel and head up display
Tons of really cool games where shown
This was a really impressive VR fitness game
Members of the new HdM Guide App team. Coming soon to the App Store and Play Store!
IMG_1853 2
A part of the very large team (18 students) that developed the cring service – a car delivery service, supervised by Wolfgang Gruel and me in the course of an interdiciplinary project.