A video probably from a  internal Nokia meeting from this Wednesday has appeared on YouTube.

Nokia presents their first Windows Phone 7 device codenamed “Sea Ray”.

Looks quite good though.


Here a few of Stephen Elop statements on that meeting:

  • Nokias first priority is to sustain their business (they have lost great parts of their business to Google and Apple)
  • Secondly they need to keep charging hard on the transition (the company needs to transform in order to keep profitable)
  • Deliver and launch new products (Symbian Anna, N9, Windows Phone devices, new Series 40 devices, differentiation of devices)
  • Continue to change how Nokia works (people working for Nokia need to do things differently and change their attitudes. Goal: inspire the people to deliver great products)
  • This is the beginning of a new season at Nokia

We will see, if Nokia manages to achieve these goals. I believe they will and we will get to see many new and innovative Windows Phone 7 devices by the end of this year.