Panini App Screenshot
Panini App Albums Selection Screen

The Panini Sticker app was developed in the summer term 2011 by Robin Vinzenz, Markus Noack, Jonathan Sachs and
Sebastian Oberste-Vorth. This project was in cooperation with Panini and Communication Consultants. The app was developed in Objective-C for the iPhone.

The app lets you manage and count your duplicate and missing stickers from the available Panini football albums. You can manage the number of stickers within an album using a simple swipe gesture. When you rotate the device it will show all stickers in an awesome looking coverflow mode allowing you to flick through all available stickers and managing your duplicates or missing ones.

With this app you will be the star at one of the sticker exchange sessions in your town. Perhaps it will be available in the App Store soon?

Panini App Coverflow
Panini App Coverflow Mode