Subject of this bachelor thesis is the design and implementation of a web application, which provides a communication-interface between vehicles and their environment for the runtime environment of an infotainment system of the automobile manufacturer V olkswagen.

Conceived in this work takes into account application specifications of current web standards and technologies used in the runtime environment. There web standards like HTML5 and WebSockets can be used.

The work designed a modular application, taking into account the conditions and specifications of current Web standards and technologies used in the runtime environment. In addition, these standards and interfaces tested for their suitability in a real time environment with bi-directional communication channels and against each other. Therefore the visual components are considering the aspects of user experience and usability in automobiles. The safety and stability of the application also plays a vital role in the development of these components. For the realization of this key component interfaces, different approaches are evaluated and specified. Concluding the implementation of a prototype is to show that the modular structure of a web application under usage of Full-Duplex Communication interfaces can be technically implemented and which requirements arising from this conception of an application.

Original title:

Implementierung eines webbasierten Prototypen zur Kommunikation zwischen Fahrzeugen und deren Umgebung für ein VW- Infotainmentsystem 

Bachelor thesis written by Alexander Martin, 1. Oktober 2012.

Second supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Krüger, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg